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8th January 2014

       There was a colony of frogs living in a deep well.  One fine morning, they found a rather strange looking frog among themselves.  Turns out that it was a frog from sea, who somehow fell into the well.  So everyone surrounded the sea-frog and they were very interested in knowing about his world.  The sea-frog started describing how different the sea was from the well.  One of the frogs jumped from one end of the well to other and asked, "Is your sea this big?"  The sea-frog answered, "Actually the sea is a lot bigger.  In fact it is so big that you can not see the other end."  "You are wrong!" They said, "Nothing could be bigger than this well.  How about the sky when you look up?"  The sea-frog said, "The sky has no beginning and no end."  The frogs shouted, "What? How can you say that? We can measure the sky, and when we look up we can see that it is bounded."  The sea-frog tried to explain further, "There are also a lot more different types of animals, who live in the sea."  Now that really settled the issue, "You mean to say that there exist creatures who are not like us.  You must be wrong."  In the end things took their natural course of events, and the ochlocracy prevailed over the truth as it always did in every aspect of life.  Hence the Sanskrit term Koopmandooka  [Koop (Well) + Mandooka (Frog)], which signifies an entity who is pretty narrow-minded in its views.

In the following funny, the uncertainty on the ground is gone once the walls are removed.
A Multiverse of Koop-Mandooks.

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