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13th October 2014


    China has recently announced that she will build the world's largest supercollider, twice the size of the existing one at CERN.  It used to be that the mighty and powerful would built monuments, then ships, war machinery and nuclear weapons , later towers and bridges, and now supercolliders.  It is a combination of search of the fundamental truth and an ambition to display intellectual superiority, a very unwelcome combination.  Yet it is there and we will probably go on building these bigger, badder, and monstrous marvels of engineering.  We as non-experts should also join the endeavor and conceptualize a supercollider in our own infinitesimal capability.  But before we start building this extravagant TajMahal in Planck's space, let us consider what real information do we really get out of it.

    In the following, Figure-I represents the system in its natural state what we call q=3 or QED state.  We are in j-space which is infinitely degenerate, which also applies to the ground state Eg.  Now as we provide more resources (~TGeV), the degeneracy of the ground state is exposed and we create a new one Eg-TG albeit only for a fraction of a moment, corresponding to the applied resource TGeV (Figure II).  Then the system will relax back to its original state (Figure III) and we can measure the traces to get an idea of the internal mechanism.

    If we could do it once, then we should repeat the experiment again and use much higher level of resources say YGeV.  Again system will conform accordingly and create a new ground state Eg-YG for a smaller fraction of moment (Figure IV).  Now much more complex varieties of traces are available which will be obviously very difficult to measure (Figure V).  However our library is considerably enriched with all sorts of exotic entities.

    We can therefore go on repeating the procedure and the structures thus exposed, will become more and more complex.  The libraries will be richer and richer.  So what? Well Frodo, we will have all sorts of dwarfs, elves, dragons, orcs, goblins, wizards, witches, trolls, leprechauns and rogues, and other creatures you may not have even heard about, but unfortunately no Ents.  The important point to note is that Eg will never reach true ∞ and we will be never out of Mordor of our own creation.

Now on to more important matter, a funny for my most unforgiving little taskmasters to whom this site is dedicated.


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